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RT @Guru_BCUBE: Good Meta Morning #BCUBEIANS

The bear market continues with low volatility, low volumes. #BTC breaking $29400 will be seen as +ve for rallying further & breakdown below $24200 will be bearish. Anything in between like now will be a boring bear market scenario! #cryptotrading
What is #BCUBE's Bulls & Bears Altcoin strategy known for? This strategy does not trade every day. It is more likely to see a bunch of trades after a week than one trade each day. This strat needs time to see opportunities. However, this approach worked out well, as it is our…
Want to explore the inner workings of ZK rollups and their impact on layer-2 scalability? 📚 Check out our in-depth tech article from Cryptographic Scientist Anders Dalskov, to learn about ZK-snarks, committee chains, and more ➩

We are thrilled to announce that Enjinstarter, a leading innovator in the blockchain space, is a proud bronze sponsor of the much-anticipated Future Blockchain Summit 2023. 🚀

At Future Blockchain Summit 2023, the MENA region's premier blockchain event, attendees will embark on…