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Cannumo Presents Four LaunchPads

On the 14th of July Cannumo will conduct its IDO through four of the most user-friendly and accessible launchpads there are. These, of course, are: ProstarterDefiDropZeroswap’s very own ZeeDO, and last, but not least — Yellow Road. Every one of these were carefully researched, contacted and before long selected for the upcoming, long awaited public sale event. Let us take a look at each one of them and see what they offer, and why they looked so attractive to Cannumo’s team.

Prostarter is a DeFi platform and launchpad which offers various crypto projects IDO’s, NFT marketplace, NFT launchpad, and they have their own token $PROT. Targeting the rise of the DEX markets, Prostarter opted for maximum transparency. Offering cross-chain swapping, whitelisting, fixed swap token pools and KYC verification, Prostarter has certainly garnered Cannumo’s attention.

IDO notwithstanding, during July of 2021, Prostarter has offered Cannumo a whitelisting application and an AMA venue, which you can find more about on their Medium account at

The detailed generation and allocation data for Cannumo’s IDO on Prostarter launchpad is:

  • Total Worth of $CANU Tokens: $150,000
  • Max. Allocation per Person: $300
  • Min. Allocation per Person: $150
  • $CANU Allocation for PROT Pool: 75%
  • $CANU Allocation for Public Pool: 25%

DeFiDrop also advocates for security and transparency as a paramount virtue of their platform. A multi-chained integrated chain which launched on Binance Smart architecture, DeFiDrop offers their token’s, DROPS, staking programs, token buybacks and burns using collected IDO fees, DROPS staker’s governance for IDOs, cross-chain IDOs and fees and tokens listings.atomic swaps.

DeFiDrop announced Cannumo’s IDO on their Medium profile as well, and you can read about it at

The detailed generation and allocation data for Cannumo’s IDO on DeFiDrop launchpad is:

Canu Vesting Schedule:

● 33% on TGE.

● 33% after 1 month.

● 33% after 2 months.

Presale opens on the 14th of July, 14:00 UTC

Sale Price: $0.03/0.03 BUSD per token;
Max Allocation Cap per Wallet: 3000 BUSD;
HARD CAP: $124,000/124,000 BUSD;

Round allocation based on DROPS staking score, addresses in the staking score snapshot will then be whitelisted for the private round contract.

Final snapshot for whitelisted allocations on the 10th of July, 19:00 UTC. We will notify the community of the minimum staking score cutoff before them.

There will be a 24 h window for BUSD collection, with an upto 3000 BUSD cap per whitelisted address (cap per address, depends on staking score). In case any tokens remain unsold, they will be carried over to a public round open to everyone. CANU will be listed within 48 h of the presale end period.

Zeroswap is a multi-chain compatible platform which focuses on the aspect of free transactions while trading between blockchain platforms. The ease-of-access approach provides a gasless, zero fee trading in between the chains, a unanimous governance hub and mechanism, DEX aggregation, a customer reward system and their own token — $ZEE.

Cannumo grasped Zeroswap’s launchpad option, called ZeeDO.

One can look through their periodical publications and take a look at the announcements about Cannumo at

The detailed generation and allocation data for Cannumo’s IDO on ZeeDO launchpad is:

● Total Sale — USD 150,000;

● POP (Proof of Participation Tickets) — Total 20,000; 10,000 on ZEE/ETH Staking and 10,000 on ZEE/BSC Staking;

● Total Winning Tickets — 750,375 on ZEE/ETH Staking, 375 on ZEE/BSC Staking;

● Price per Ticket — $200;

● Public Sale Price — $0.03;

● Vesting Period on the Public Sale Tokens — 34% During TGE, 33% 1st Month, 33% 2nd Month;

Steps to Participate in $CANU Token Sale on ZeeDO:

Stake $ZEE on ZeroSwap Staking Module — Staking $ZEE is the prerequisite to participate in the sale. You will also earn rewards — 64% APY for 90 Days by staking $ZEE;

No. of $ZEE Required — 1500 $ZEE for 1 Ticket, 3000 $ZEE for 2 tickets, so on and so forth…;

You can stake $ZEE BEP20 or $ZEE ERC20 to participate in the sale;

After staking $ZEE apply on ZeeDO —;

POP claiming start time — the 12th of July, 2021: Between 6:00 AM — 7:00 AM UTC;

POP end time — the 14th of July, 2021: 9:00 AM UTC;

POW draw time — the 14th of July, 2021: Between 10:00 AM — 11:30 AM UTC for both sides $ZEE BEP20 and $ZEE ERC20;

Note — users who have won POW tickets can only buy $CANU;

Time to buy $CANU — it will be announced on Zeroswap channels;

Claiming of $CANU tokens on $ZEE BEP20 — pay BNB BEP20 to buy $CANU;

⚠ Important note — users staking on $ZEE ERC20 and winning tickets on the ERC 20 side must approve BEP20 BNB to buy $CANU. You have to change the network from ETH to BSC in your wallet, keeping the same address.

Yellow Road is a user-friendly IDO platform and a launchpad built on Binance Smart Chain. They base their qualitative properties on the strength of their assembled community. A community who preferably holds the same views on privacy as them — no regulations, and no privacy infringements. Their due diligence in choosing their IDO partners gave way for Cannumo approaching them. Their token is $ROAD.

An interested reader can plow through their Medium channel at

The detailed generation and allocation data for Cannumo’s IDO on Yellow Road launchpad is:

Yellow Road will offer a guaranteed allocation to the top 1,000 $ROAD token holders, so many of their community members can earn the guaranteed spot. After the top 1,000 holders, Yellow Road relies on the lottery system to whitelist more investors for the IDOs.

IDO model structure is as follows:

  1. Minimum holding to participate 50 $ROAD;
  2. Top 1,000: guaranteed allocation;
  3. Validation: Ghost Snapshots;
  4. Allocation: the more you hold, your allocation is higher;
  5. Win Chances: bigger holder has bigger chances to win;

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