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Cross-Chain Composite Layer For AMM


Unbound is a decentralized cross-chain liquidity protocol that is building the derivative layer of Automated Market Makers (AMM). The intent of Unbound is to build products that are both native and composable to the DeFi ecosystem. These include

  • Synthetic Assets including a Stablecoin(UND), uETH,etc

  • AMM pools that are cross derived from multiple AMMs

  • Oracle Price Feeds based on free markets and path independent value discovery.

  • Building financial instruments for compounding yields and margin trades

Unbound protocol is building a management layer over the existing AMMs by locking up LPT to mint synthetic assets that further reinforces liquidity in AMMs and Defi, unlocking liquidity from existing AMM Liquidity Pools. The initial set of product Unbound has been built to include decentralized, cross-chain stablecoin called UND.

Unbound has created a robust architecture that does not require a Liquidation Engine. A combination of collateral ratio, risk management through selected stablecoin-ERC20 LPT pairs, and SAFU fund ensures a support system that is a lot more resilient than traditional crypto assets under similar circumstances. This is a huge shift from the existing lending landscape.



Total Supply: 10,000,000 UNB

Fee Distribution*

‌The fees collected from minting is broken down as follows:

a) SAFU Fund (40%) b) UND-DAI Liquidity Pool (40%) c) Team Fund (20%)

SAFU Fund and Liquidity Pools (Earn) are covered in the earlier sections.

Team Fund

‌20% of the fees are distributed to team members to enable further development. This allocation is not fixed and as the system becomes more autonomous, the portion allocated can go up or down as required.

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