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KSM Starter
Investor Highlight

In the third edition of KSM Starter’s investor highlight, the team is excited to share another peak into the project’s venture capital backers, and more importantly why they have chosen to support the project. Surpassing fundraising goals in a widely oversubscribed institutional private round, KSM Starter attracted close to thirty firms total, including Block Phoenix, SMO CapitalOracles Investment GroupHG Ventures, and Kangaroo Capital.

Their financial support will empower KSM Starter to become Kusama’s central launchpad and advance growth and collaboration among its ecosystem. More concretely, this means that the team now has the funds necessary to pursue optimal Substrate development, generous reward-based community building, and extensive project marketing.

Asked about their backing, KSM Starter’s strategic investors shared their reasons for supporting the team’s vision.


Block Phoenix: “How many projects, let alone launchpads, have already integrated Chainlink pre token launch. KSM Starter’s vast preparation is just a sneak peak at what the team has in store.”

SMO Capital: “We specialize in mentoring promising projects, and KSM Starter is one of the most recent promising projects we’ve come across. We’re proud to help connect their vision to reality and look forward to working with the team moving forward.”

Oracles Investment Group: “Substrate is going to bring an unprecedented level of interoperability to crypto. We are thrilled to take part in a project that will guide this shift, and foster growth in Kusama’s ecosystem.”

HG Ventures: “We believe in innovation and disruption, and require it in all our investments. With that said, KSM Starter was a natural portfolio pick.”

Kangaroo Capital: “Kangaroo Capital is honored to participate in KSM Starter’s institutional round and deliver them as an investment opportunity to our community fund. Their work for the Canary Network will be crucial to the ecosystem’s overall success.


KSM Starter is grateful to have such an amazing list of institutional backers, aiding its mission to foster growth and collaboration for Kusama’s non-auction projects.

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